What do the fees include?

Full-time college fees include

  • Unrestricted subject choice ( up to 8 subjects)
  • Access to some of Ireland’s top teachers on a daily basis.
  • All house exams (including mock examinations)
  • HPAT preparation course.
  • Christmas & Easter Revision Courses are offered free to our full time students. This does not include Oral Day Revision Courses.
  • Career guidance.
  • Study skills seminars
  • Additional oral preparation
  • Specific extra tuition classes, and one day preparation courses
What kind of day, will I have in Bruce college compared to my present school?
  • Scheduled classes commence at 8:30AM.
  • Students who travel from a more distant destination may be able to avail of a more flexible schedule, allowing a later start time in the morning.
  • Classes are one hour long.
  • An intrinsic part of your day in Bruce College includes supervised study.
  • There is a 10 minute break in the morning and 35 minutes allowed for lunch.
  • Classes are scheduled up to 4.30pm in the afternoon.
  • In order to facilitate eight subjects and an unrestricted choice, some classes are scheduled after 4.30 in the afternoon. Among the subjects scheduled at these times include Art, DCG, Construction Studies.
  • Students are permitted breaks prior to evening class.
How does the supervised study work?
  • All study is supervised.
  • After-school study and weekend study attendance is logged and full attendance reports are mailed home every term.
How well do students perform in state exams compared to other schools?
  • Bruce college students have consistently outperformed national averages in CAO points every year.
  • Published league tables in national newspapers have shown Bruce college to be one of the top private independent schools in Ireland, based on the percentage of students that enter university and I.T’s.
  • Since the publication of league tables Bruce college has always been ranked as the top performing ‘private independent school in Cork.
What kind of student goes to Bruce College?
  • Bruce College, accepts students from a wide geographical area but mainly from Cork city suburbs and county.
  • The students who come to Bruce College are students who want to be in the school, and ultimately make this decision for themselves.
  • Students will have studied mainly higher level subjects for the Junior Certificate and will be studying mainly higher level subjects for leaving certificate.
  • Our students are ambitious and want to achieve their academic potential, and progress to further education.
What about sports and extra curricular activities?
  • Bruce College accepts that sports and hobbies and interests outside of school are an essential part of the students well-being.

Many students who attend Bruce are athletes and sports people across many disciplines including rugby, soccer, golf, rowing, field and track athletics, show jumping, G.A.A, hockey. Many of these students have maintained their interests in the sports, while at the same time progressing in their academic studies in Bruce College. Many have gone on to play at a competitive level at County, Provincial, and International level.

  • The school offers a flexible facility for students who wish to continue their sporting endeavors to a high level. A full plan is put in place, with the school, student, parents and guardians at the beginning of an academic year.
Does the school provide career guidance?
  • All students are offered the opportunity to meet a career guidance counsellor during their time in Bruce college
  • Meetings are arranged after a careers evaluation is done.
  • Further education colleges hold information seminars at the college.
  • Academic progress is assessed in conjunction with college ambitions.
  • Special guidance is offered to students interested in applying to UK universities.
  • Subject choice advice.
  • Aptitude test preparation.
  • Medical College interview preparation.
  • UCKAT and HPAT preparation
How are parents/guardians kept informed?
  • The school offers parents the opportunity to meet with teachers twice during the academic year. 
  • The parent teacher meeting is arranged immediately after the first house exams of the academic year which are held in October. Sixth years also have one that takes place after the Christmas exams and is held in February..
  • A meeting is also arranged with parents/guardians of 5th year students going through into 6th year. This meeting involves a review of exam performance, grades, subject aptitude, study attendance and commitment and careers choices.
  • The school keeps an up-to-date record of attendance. All attendance is done on an hourly basis in the school.
  • After-school study attendance records are maintained and mailed to every home at the end of term.
  • Students are regularly assessed in class, and with house exams.

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