About Bruce College

About Bruce College

5th Year, 6th Year & Repeat Leaving Cert.

Bruce College, Cork is a school of academic excellence for 5th years, 6th years and Repeat Leaving Certificate students, with a proven record of accomplishment over 30 years. We cater for students who want to achieve their academic potential and progress to further education.


Our success is based on hard work and commitment. Our  students have the support necessary through our careers program, revision courses and supervised study to help them achieve their academic potential. There are a wide range of subjects available without restriction. Students choose subjects based on their strengths, not the school’s choice.

Our school is best described as friendly and hard-working. Our staff are highly qualified, approachable, friendly and know how to get the best out of each student. If you would like to find out more about Bruce College, contact the school today for an appointment or complete our online Full Time Enquiry Form.

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