Parent Guide

Parent Guide

Parents have an essential role to play in supporting their son/daughter through the Leaving  Certificate. To do so they must be kept informed by the college throughout the year.

Parent Teacher Meetings

In Bruce College, there are two formal Parent Teacher Meetings during the year. These Meetings are essential for parents and teachers to discuss their son or daughter’s progress.

Principal/ Parent Meeting

Students progressing to the next academic year will meet with our Principal along with parents to discuss the upcoming year. In this discussion we review study, subjects, careers and agree the student study commitment for the following year. Goals and targets are reviewed and also agreed.

Outside of these Meetings parents are encouraged to contact the college should they have any queries about their son or daughter’s progress.

House Exams and Regular Assessment

In 5th year students sit four full house exams in the year along with regular class assessment (6th yr : 3 House Exams). After school study is closely monitored. A school study attendance report is mailed home every term along with the report card.

School Attendance

Daily attendance is monitored for every class. We request parents to contact the school in the morning should they expect a student to be absent. The school will contact the parent if a student is absent and no advance notice was given to the school. We use a text service to inform parents in this regard.

Individual Meetings with the Principal

Parents may also meet with the Principal at any time during the year and can receive an up-to-date report on their son’s or daughter’s progress. If the college is concerned about a student, the parents are notified immediately.


Student Progress Reports

If a student is not performing to his/her full academic potential, he/she is placed on a weekly progress report in order to identify the problematic areas. These difficulties are then addressed as the weeks progress and a copy of this report is sent to parents on a weekly basis.