Your schedule does not always fit the school schedule, well now it can?

Why should everyone have to come to school every day at the same time?

Why can’t we have the same flexibility that some work places are now offering to their employees?

Why can’t responsible students have this flexibility?

The type of students that will benefit most from this programme are motivated students who feel our school and out teachers will help them achieve their potential but also feel the school may be difficult to get to at the same time based on where they live.

Bruce College are now able to offer students a blended learning programme. This will offer students a more flexible schedule while still having access to our great teachers in class and online.

Students can choose to use as much or as little online class V’ in house class time , whatever suits them

Students that live further away from the school can now avail of less crowded peak time traffic and reduced travel times.

Cant make first class in the morning?

No problem come in later and you can access the class online while in supervised study in school or access at home anytime

Need to skip last class of the day so you can make sports practice or play in a game?

No problem, you can catch up with the class later as it will be available to you online.

  • All notes are available electronically and automatically synchronised. No more organisation problems.
  • Hard copies of school books are limited and the majority of the material for class is available online.
  • Through the use of study clix, students can access a supplementary tool which is especially useful for exams papers and reducing the need for hard copies of exam papers in nearly all subjects
  • Some parts of the course work depending on the subject must be complete in house as required by the department in terms of project work and practical assignments in certain subjects that cannot be done virtually. In this case the student is obliged to be in school under teacher supervision.
  • Students can also access our supervised study facilities. A later start does not mean a later finish as students can remain in study and access the online class through their electronic, tablet or notebook.
  • Students will require an adequate electronic device and headphones to access online class in study.
  • The online classes are available and can be accessed from home or in school during study
  • Access to the recorded class is on a limited agreed scheduled basis. Any student who misses a class will also have access to the online class for a limited period.
  • As part of the programme the school will also offer online recorded tutorials in specific subjects as part of the support and extra tuition students can avail of in the school.

If you live in Skibbereen , Rosscarberry, Clonakilty, Bandon Bruce College is now more accessible to you than ever before


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