Easter Leaving Cert Revision Courses Cork

Leaving Certificate Easter Revision Course Cork


Dates: Tuesday 2nd April to Saturday 6th April inclusive.

Venue: The Leaving Cert. Course takes place in U.C.C., College Road, 

Please note that some Leaving Cert. subjects are divided into two sections e.g. Chemistry (H) C1 & C2 so please click the “Subjects” heading to check the course content of these subjects before booking.

This allows student to choose the section that best suits their needs.

Please see Terms & Conditions for refund/absenteeism policy.

There is a non refundable €25 booking fee included in the price of your booking.



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Accounting (H)

Topics taken from:


Course 1

  1. Revaluation of fixed assets
  2. Tabular Statements Part 1
  3. Tabular Statements Part 2
  4. Incomplete Records ( Cash Book)
  5. Service Firms ( 100 Markers)

Course 2

  1. Marginal costing ( CVP)
  2. Absorption Costing ( Stock & Job)
  3. Allocation, Re-allocation of overheads
  4. Cash Budgets
  5. Production Budgets
Biology (H)



Topics taken from the list below;

Course 1


  1. Cell Biology- Structure and Diversity. Cell Division
  2. Plant Biology- Structure and Transport of flowering plants
  3. The Nervous System. The Senses
  4. Ecology
  5. The Endocrine System. Plant Responses.

Course 2

  1. Genetic crosses, Variation and Evolution, Genetic Engineering
  2. Plant Reproduction- Sexual and Asexual
  3. Homeostasis. Excretory and Breathing Systems.
  4. Human Nutrition. The Digestive System. Plant Nutrition. Photosynthesis
  5. The Five Kingdoms of Life. Cell Metabolism Respitation.



Geography (H)



Course 1 Physical Geography

  1. Plate Tectonics / Volcanoes / Earthquakes
  2. Rocks / Folding & Faulting / Mechanical Weathering
  3. Chemical Weathering / Mass Movement / Rivers
  4. Coastlines / OS Maps / Aerial Photographs
  5. Fieldwork Project/Glaciation/Isostacy/Weather Maps

Course 2 Regional Geography

  1. The Greater Dublin Area / Western Region – regional maps / physical processes / primary activities
  2. The Greater Dublin Area / Western Region – secondary & tertiary activities
  3. The Paris Basin / Mezzogiorno – regional maps / physical processes & primary activities
  4. Sub continental regions Brazil/India
  5. Geoecology Option
Business (H)

Course 1

  1. Unit 1 – People in Business- Focus on Long Questions (Long Q1 and Q4)
  2. Unit 2 – Enterprise and Short Question perfection
  3.  – Management Activities & Skills. Focus on Short & Long Questions associated with these topics
  4. ABQ   - (Units 5,6,7)
  5.  – Management in Action - Focus on Short & Long Questions associated with these topics

Course 2

  1. Unit 5 – Focus on Marketing Long Questions (Q8)
  2. Calculation Questions- Focus on Break Even Chart and Take Home Pay
  3. Unit 6 – Focus on Long Questions (Section 3. Part 1, Q2)
  4. Unit 7 – Focus on Long Questions (Section 3, Part 1, Q3)
  5. Exam Technique/Layout/Top Tips
Chemistry (H)



Topics taken from the list below

Course 1

  1. Water
  2. Organic Experiments
  3. Chemical Equilibrium
  4. Rates

Course 2

  1. Redox titrations
  2. Families of organic compounds
  3. Types of reactions
  4. PH and indicators






History (H)

Topics taken from the list below:

1. DBQ- Sunningdale Agreement
2. LME 3- Stalin
3. LME 3- Fianna Fail 1932-39
4. LME 6- USA Race Relations
5. Essay Writing Skills




Maths (H)

Topics taken from the list below;

Paper 1

  1. Algebra
  2. Sequences and Series
  3. Financial maths
  4. Integration
  5. Exam Paper Revision Questions

Paper 2

  1. Probability Miscellaneous
  2. Statistics
  3. Unit Circle/Period and Range
  4. Arcs and Sectors
  5. Normal Distribution
Maths (O)

Topics taken from the list below:


  1. Descriptive/Inferential Statistics
  2. Geometry/Trigonometry
  3. Functions/Calculus
  4. Sequences/Series
  5. Co-ordinate Geometry - Line,Circle 
Physics (H)

Topics taken from the list below:

Course 1

  1. Doppler Effect
  2. The Electron
  3. Heat
  4. Light
  5. Mechanics

Course 2

  1. Radioactivity
  2. Electricity
  3. Induction
  4. Nuclear Physics
  5. Particle Physics



Agricultural Science (H)

Topics taken from the list below:


  1. Chemical and biological properties of soil
  2. Tillage crops barley and kale
  3. Grassland
  4. Beef cattle
Art History (H)


Topics are taken from the list below;

  1. Europe and the world (17C Dutch Art, Realism, Impressionism, Neo-Impressionism and Post-Impressionism)
  2. Europe and the world (The High Renaissance in Rome, Florence and Venice) 
  3. Ireland and its place in the world (The Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages)
  4. Today's world (appreciation art: Sculpture, Design, Architecture and Film study)
Applied Maths (H)
Topics taken from:
1    Collisions and Impacts
2    Circular Motion and Hooke's Law
3    Dynamic Programming
4    Difference Equations
5    Kinematics with Calculus
6    Differential Equations
Economics (H)


Topics taken from:

  1. The Consumer
  2. The Labour Market
  3. Economic growth and developement
  4. Market Structures
  5. Fiscal Policy and Budgets



Irish (H)



Topics will be taken from the list below:

  1. Ceapadóireacht (Scéal, Díospóireacht, Aiste, Litreacha)
  2. Léamhthuiscintí (Trialacha Teanga Comhtheacsula)
  3. Pros Liteartha
  4. Filíocht
  5. AnChluastuiscint



English (H)


Topics taken from:

1. Themes in Macbeth
2. Derek Mahon
3. Emily Dickinson
4. Essay Writing Paper 1
5. Text Q B


Music (H)

Leaving Certificate Music Revision Day: Saturday, 13th May 2023
Composition Paper
Q1: 16-Bar Melody in Major and Minor keys
Q5: Backing Chords and Bass Line in Major and Minor keys
Harmony rules and melody writing guidelines will be revised using questions from past papers.
All notes and past questions will be supplied on the day.

Listening Paper
Exam technique through past questions on the four set works:
• Bach, Cantata no 78 in G minor, Movements 1 (Chorus) and 7 (Chorale)
• Tchaikovsky, Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture
• Barry, Piano Quartet
• Queen, Bohemian Rhapsody
Q5 Irish Music Listening
Q6 Aural Skills
Summary notes and past questions will be provided on the day.


French (H)

Topics will be taken from the list below:

  • Approaching the Reading Comprehensions (la Compréhension écrite)
  • Making  your written tasks stand out
  • Sample Writing task questions/answers(la Production écrite)
  • Tips to do well in the Listening



German (H)

Topics taken from the list below:


•Text 1
•Advanced Grammar
Design Communication (Graphics) (H)
  1. Plane Geometry
  2. Axonometric Projection
  3. Perspective Projection
  4. Conic Section
  5. Oblique Planes
Home Economics (H)

Topics taken from the list below;


  1. Food Studies
  2. Resource Management
  3. Social Studies
  4. Exam Questions
  5. Exam Technique
  6. Layout & Presentation
Spanish (H)

Topics taken from the list below:

  1. Written Production
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Dialogue Construction
Construction Studies (H)

Topics taken from the list below;

  • U-value, Heat Loss and Cost,  Calculating Thermal requirements.
  • Sustainable and Passive Solar Design
  • Biophilic Building Design.
Religious Education
Brief Introduction to Leaving Cert. Relisious Education Exam - Key Terms

  1. SectionA: The Search for Meaning and Values: Overview and Selected Topics
  2. Section B: Christianity: Origins and Contemporary Expressins: Overview and Selected Topics
  3. Section C: World Religions: Overview and Selected Topics
  4. Section J: Religion and Science: Overview and Selected Topics or
  5. Section D: Moral Decision Making: Overview and Selected Topics
  6. Exam Technique: How to answer an exam question: Sample Answers




                     Tuesday 2nd April to Saturday 6th April 2024

Timetable is subject to change

Classes start at 9am and finish at 4.20pm

Time Course

English (H)


Maths (H) P1
Accounting (H) C1
Applied Maths (H)

Chemistry (H) C1
History (H)


English (H)

Maths(H) P1
Biology (H) C1
Business (H) C1
German (H)
Physics(H) C1
Chemistry (H) C2
History (H)





English (H)
Irish (H)
Biology (H) C2
Business (H) C2
Maths (H) P2
French (H)

Physics(H) C1


German (H)5



12.55 – 2:00 pm LUNCH
2:00-3:10 English (H)
Irish (H)
Biology (H) C1
Geography (H) C1
Ag Science (H)
Maths (H) P2
Physics (H) C2
Business (H) C1
French (H)


3:10-4.20 English (H)
Irish (H)
French (H)
Biology (H) C2
Ag Science (H)
Geography (H) C2
Maths (H) P1
Business (H) C2

One Day Courses

Saturday 22nd April Maths (O) , 

Saturday 29th April:  Const. studies(H)

Saturday 6th May Spanish (H), D.C.G.(H) Home Economics (H)

Satuday 13th May Art History (H), Music (H)







We are currently offering 5 courses for the cost of 3, a saving of €165. This offer ends on Friday 9th February.

Full Price:

No. Courses Full Price
1 €250
2 €440
3 €595
4 €685
5 €760
6 €825
7 €895

See terms and conditions for absenteeism/refunds


Booking Terms & Conditions

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  • The School reserves the right to decline an enrolment from any student. The College reserves the right to withdraw its services from a Student for any breach of discipline, the definition of which is at the sole discretion of the  College management. 
  • The Course details (as found on www.brucecollege.ie) outline the content and objectives of the Course. The Student is responsible for determining the course enrolled is appropriate for their needs. Views or opinions expressed by  teachers during the course are entirely their own. The School does not accept  liability for errors on any advice given or views expressed by teachers or in  any notes or documentation provided to students by teachers. 
  • The College reserve the right to amend without recourse to refund , the Course detail, including the course content, structure and schedule , including commencement dates, times and location of classes. 
  • Students may only attend classes as scheduled by Bruce College based on their subject selection. Breach of this will result in removal from the course. A student may request in advance of the course a change in subjects. If requested during the courses the school may be limited in accommodating any change due to class quotas. A surcharge of €10 will apply to changes  requested during the course. 
  • Students are only entitled to notes for classes for which they are enrolled. Our cancellation policy facilitates a refund on receipt of a written cancellation at least two weeks prior to the course commencement date. There is a non refundable booking fee of €25 included in the price. Please allow a maximum  of 28 days for processing. 
  • If a student cannot attend for any reason, the College will upon request forward any relevant notes. The college will not refund any cancellation or absenteeism after the required two weeks advance cancellation notice. 
  • In the case of a potential closure due to unforeseen events , (pandemic, weather event, unavailability of property for the course, etc), the college will reschedule classes to another date , at the discretion of the school and  before the commencement of the Leaving Cert. and Junior Cert. written  exams in June. The school may provide for this course through  recorded,online, live classes or a combination of these mediums.  
  • If the school are unable to reschedule the classes or provide an online alternative before June a refund for the part of the course not complete will be processed.  
  • The school accept no liability for loss or damage of student property. Parking is not provided to students or parents,
  • Our terms and conditions will be governed by the Laws of Ireland.