English Leaving Cert. Honours Essay Writing Seminar 3rd Feb. 2024.

Teacher: David Loughrey

Saturday 3rd February, 9:30-1pm

Venue: Boole 4, U.C.C., College Road.

The essay in Paper 1 is worth 25% of your total grade. Therefore, it is imperative that as students we must develop our essay writing skills.  

Furthermore, it is an area that is very often let neglected!

This course is ideal preparation just prior to your Mock Examinations!

Places Limited

Course Content

1. Effective ways to start you essay
2. How to write a good introduction
3. How to write a good conclusion
4. Personal Essays
5. Speech Writing
6. Article Writing
7. How to write a good short story
8. Descriptive Essays
9. Sample H1 answers
10.Styles of Writing-Integrating these techniques in to your essays

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