Leaving Certificate Christmas Revision Courses Cork

Bruce College is a provider of examination revision courses to students in Ireland for over 30 years. In this time thousands of students have benefited from our outstanding teachers and excellent notes.
Students can expect to cover a considerable amount of material along with notes that can be used to review content  well beyond the dates of our courses.
Leaving certificate 2022 will offer students more choice than in  previous years of the standard Leaving certificate programme. These courses are designed to ensure students can make the most out of this choice .

DATES : Christmas Revision Course Dates for Leaving Cert 2022/23 will be released in September.




Please note that some Leaving Cert. subjects are divided into two sections e.g. Chemistry (H) C1 & C2 so please click the “Subjects” heading to check the course content of these subjects before booking.This allows student to choose the section that best suits their needs.

Excellent notes are provided. The list of topics under each subject are intended as a general guide and may change.

Accounting (H)




Topics taken from the list below;

Course 1

  1. Control Accounts
  2. Suspense Accounts
  3. Revaluation of fixed assets
  4. Tabular Statements
  5. Ratio Analysis Formulae

Course 2

  1. Total Production cost budgets
  2. Cash Budgeting 1
  3. Cash Budgeting 2
  4. Marginal Costing (CVP)
  5. Appointment & Reappointment of costs



Biology (H)
Topics taken from the list below;

Course 1

  1. DNA/RNA/Protein synthesis/Genetic Engineering
  2. Transport systems in living organisms
  3. Respiration/Breathing
  4. Genetic crosses/Heredity
  5. Microbiology/Viruses/Cell Biology

Course 2

  1. Nutrition/Digestion/ Enzymes
  2. Human anatomy and physiology
  3. Photosynthesis/Plant Biology
  4. Mandatory Experiments
  5. Reproduction in living organisms




Geography (H)
Topics taken from the list below:

Course 1

  1. Plate Tectonics / Volcanoes / Earthquakes
  2. Rocks / Folding & Faulting / Mechanical Weathering
  3. Chemical Weathering / Mass Movement / Rivers
  4. Coastlines / OS Maps / Aerial Photographs
  5. Fieldwork Project/Glaciation / Isostacy / Weather Maps

Course 2

  1. The Greater Dublin Area / Western Region – regional maps / physical processes / primary activities
  2. The Greater Dublin Area / Western Region – secondary & tertiary activities
  3. The Paris Basin / Mezzogiorno – regional maps / physical processes & primary activities
  4. The Paris Basin / Mezzogiorno – secondary & tertiary activities
  5. Fieldwork Project/Human processes e.g. population change, urban growth etc / characteristics of regions e.g. administrative, cultural regions etc



Business (H)
Topics taken from the list below:

Course 1

  1. Unit 1- People in Business
  2. Unit 2- Enterprise
  3. Unit 3- Managing 1
  4. ABQ (Units 1,2,3 examinable 2019)
  5. Unit 4-Managing 2

Course 2

  1. Calculation Style Questions- Ration analysis
  2. Unit 5- Business in Action
  3. Unit 6- The Domestic Environment
  4. Unit 7- The International Environment
  5. Exam Techniques/Layout



Chemistry (H)

Topics taken from the list below

Course 1

  1. Atomic Facts
  2. Atomic Explanation & Evidence
  3. Petrol and Polymers
  4. Masses, Gasses & Moles
  5. Stoichiometry

Course 2

  1. Chemical Bonding
  2. Acid & Bases
  3. Oxidation & Reduction
  4. Volumetric Analysis
  5. Chemistry of Carbon




History (H)



Topics will be taken from the list below:

  • DBQ - Coleraine University Controversy 
  • Dictatorships and Democracy- Hitler
  • Pursuit of Sovereignty- Cunmann na nGaedheal
  • United States- US Foreign Policy
  • The Research Study Report


Maths (H)
Topics taken from the list below:

Paper 1

  1. Algebra
  2. Differential Calculus
  3. Complex Numbers
  4. Number Systems
  5. Functions including logarithms & Exponentials

Paper 2

  1. Co-ordinate Geometry of the line
  2. Co-ordinate Geometry of the circle
  3. Geometry & Theorems
  4. Trigonometry
  5. Probability/Statistics



Maths (O)
Topics taken from the list below:

  1. Trigonometry
  2. Algebra
  3. Calculus
  4. Geometry
  5. Complex numbers


Physics (H)
Topics will be taken form the list below:

Course 1

  1. Electricity (Experiments)
  2. Heat
  3. Mechanics (Momentum and Gravitation)
  4. Light (Spectrometer and waves)
  5. Sound

Course 2

  1. Angular Velocity
  2. Static Electricity
  3. Electromagnetic Induction
  4. Semi-Conductors
  5. Light(Reflection, Refraction etc.)




Agricultural Science (H)
Topics taken from the list below:

  1. Outline of course, Animal Production
  2. Experiments
  3. Genetics
  4. Outline of interview
  5. Crops and soil science


Art History (H)

Topics taken from the list below:

  1. Stone Age, Bronze Age
  2. Iron Age
  3. Art Appreciation 
  4. Impressionism



Applied Maths (H)
Topics taken from the list below

  1. Uniform Accelerated Motion
  2. Forces and Newton's Law
  3. Projectiles
  4. Hydrostatics
  5. Statics


Economics (H)

Topics taken from the list below:


  1. Demand Supply Equilibrium
  2. Elasticity
  3. Market Structures
  4. Costs
  5. International Trade
  6. National Income
  7. Money & Banking
  8. Employment
  9. Inflation
  10. History of Economic thought



Irish (H)


Topics will be taken from the list below:


  1. Ceapadóireacht (Scéal, Díospóireacht, Aiste, Litreacha)
  2. Léamhthuiscintí (Trialacha Teanga Comhtheacsula)
  3. Pros Liteartha
  4. Filíocht
  5. AnChluastuiscint



Irish (O)


  1. Ceapadóireacht
  2. Leamhthuiscint
  3. Fillíocht ainmnithe
  4. Prós ainmnithe
  5. An Chluaistuiscint
  6. Gramadach
English (H)



Topics taken from the list below:

1. Reading Comprehension.
2. Characters in Othello
3. Poetry of Elizabeth Bishop
4. Poetry of W.B. Yeats
5. Comparative Study.




French (H)



Topics will be taken from the list below:

  • Exam Overview
  • Grammar: Revision of key tenses (Présent, Imparfait, Passé Composé, Futur, Conditionnel, Présent du subjonctif)
  • Revision of key Oral topics (vous-même, votre quartier, l'école, le sport, votre temps libre, les médias, les vacances; how to deal with difficult questions)



German (H)

Topics will be taken from the list below:

1. Oral
2. Word Order
3. Text 2
4. Tenses
5. Cases
6. Äußerung zum Thema



Design Communication Assignment Day




  1. Outputs explained and broken down
  2. Marking Scheme analysed
  3. Presentation Techniques
  4. Freehand Sketching
  5. Solid Works requirements explained
  6. Part(B).. New Concept/Modification Investigated
Home Economics (H)
  1. Food Studies
  2. Resource Management
  3. Social Studies
  4. Exam Questions
  5. Exam Technique
  6. Layout & Presentation
Spanish (H)
  1. Written Production
  2. Grammar
  3. Reading Comprehension
  4. Dialogue Construction
Construction Studies (H)


  1. Sustainable Design
  2. Passive Solar
  3. Building Detail
  4. Building Design
  5. U-Values




Monday 27th December 2021- Friday 31st December 2021

Timetable is subject to change

Classes start at 9am and finish at 4.20pm

Time Course
9:00:10:10 English (H)
German (H)
Maths (H) P1
Accounting (H) C1
Maths (O)
Chemistry (H) C1
History (H)
10:20:11:30 English (H)
Accounting (H)C 2
Maths (H) P1
Biology (H)C 1
Business (H) C1
German (H)
Chemistry (H)C2
History (H)
11.45:12.55 English (H)
Irish (H)Biology (H) C2
Business (H) C2
Maths (H) P2
French (H)
Physics (H) C1
Applied Maths (H)
12.55 – 2:00 pm LUNCH
2pm:3:10 English (H)
Irish (H)
Biology (H) C1
Geography (H) C1
Ag Science (H)
Maths (H) P2
Physics (H) C2
Business (H) C1
Art History(H)
3:10-4:20 English (H)
Irish (H)
French (H)
Biology (H) C2
Ag Science (H)
Geography(H) C2
Maths(H) P1

One Day Courses

Saturday 19th  November: Design Communication Graphics (H)

Saturday 8th January: Home Economics (H)

Saturday 8th January:: Spanish (H)

Saturday 8th January: Construction Studies (H)



No. Courses Price
1 €230
2 €405
3 €545
4 €630
5 €695
6 €760
7 €825


Refund Policy:Refunds will be available up to 20th December (please allow up to 14 days for processing). There is a non refundable €25 booking fee included in the price of your booking.