Christmas Revision Courses Cork

Junior Cycle Christmas Revision Courses

 Junior Cert. Revision Course 2024/2025

Dates: The course will take place on Monday 30th December to Saturday 4th January Inclusive (excluding 1st January).

Location: Bruce College St. Patrick’s Hill



Bruce College is a provider of examination revision courses to students in Ireland for over 30 years. In this time thousands of students have benefited from our outstanding teachers and excellent notes.


Students can expect to cover a considerable amount of material along with notes that can be used to review content well beyond the dates of our courses.


Easter Revision Course - Junior Cycle 2024

Select Your Subject & Times

Choose up to 5 courses. Note: All Courses Run from Tuesday 2nd April to Saturday 6th April inclusive in Bruce College.

LUNCH: 12.15 to 1.00pm

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Credit Card
Business (H)

Topics will be taken from the list below

  • Business ledgers
  • Final Accounts
  • Marketing
  • Economic growth,
  • Sustainability
English (H)

Course Content:


1. Novel(s):

Past exam questions relating to the novel(s).

Structure of answer(s) of the studied novel(s).

Study template for the studied novel(s) - Key moments.

Topics to study for the novel - Plot, main characters, settings, theme, relationships between characters.

2. Poetry:

Past exam questions relating to the studied poetry.

Past exam questions relating to the unseen poetry.

Structure of answers of the studied poetry.

Study template for the studied poems.

List of poetic techniques and definitions of same.

TTMI - Theme, Tone, Mood and Imagery of poems.

Themes in the JC poetry and suggestive poems for same.

3. Film Studies:

Past exam questions relating to the studied film.

Structure of answers for the studied film.

Study template for the studied film.

Features of film. Camera shot and angles.

Camera movements.


Music and sound effects.



Guide to study the film.

Topics to study for the film - Plot, main characters, settings, theme, relationship between characters.

4. Play -

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare:

Past exam questions relating to the studied play (Romeo and Juliet).

Structure of answers for the studied play.

Study template for the Shakespearean play.

Topics to study for the play - Plot, main characters, setting, themes and relationships between characters.

5. Language:

Past exam questions relating to language.

Parts of Speech.

How to write the following: formal and informal letters, diary entries, reports and reviews.

List of common writing errors which should be avoided in the JC English examination.




Geography (H)

Course Content:


  1. Maps
  2. Physical
  3. Population.
  4. Urbanisation
  5. Economic activity and Globalisation.
German (H)

Course Content:

- Blogs
- Aural
- Tenses
- Verbs
- Vocabulary
History (H)

Course Content:


Revolution: Ireland and America
The Renassiance
Change in Ireland
The War of Independance
The Cold War





Irish (H)

Course Content:

1. Gramadach
2. Ceapadóireachta
3. Litríocht
4. Léamhthuiscint 
5. Cluastuiscint 


Maths (H)
Course 1
Financial Maths
Equations & Inequalities
Patterns and Sequences

Course 2

Co-ordinate Geometry
Probability and Statistics
Synthetic Geometry




Science (H)

Course Content:

1. Atom and Chemical Bonding
2. Forces & Earth- Sun- Moon System
3. Circulatory & Breathing System





French (H)

Course Content:

Sentence structure
Written(blog, email)
Listening comprehensions
Reading comprehensions

Monday 30th December to Saturday 4th January (excluding Jan 1st )

Timetable is subject to change

Classes start at 9.am and finish at 3pm

Time Course
9:00-10:00 Maths (H)C1
English (H)
Business (H)


10:00-11:00 Maths (H) C2
English (H)
Geography (H)
Business (H)


11:15-12:15 Maths (H) C1
French (H)
English (H)
Irish(H) Teanga 2
12:15 – 1:00pm LUNCH
1:00-2:00 Maths (H) C2
French (H)
Science (H)
Irish (H) Teanga 2
2:00-3:00 French (H)
History (H)
Science (H)
Irish (H) Teanga 2
Maths(H) C1






Full Prices:

No. Courses Price
1 €240
2 €390
3 €520
4 €565
5 €635


Refund Policy: Refunds will be available up to 20th December ( please allow up to 14 days for processing). There is a €25 booking fee included in the price of your booking. Refunds only apply to course prices and not booking fee.










Booking Terms & Conditions

  • Bruce College provides part time tuition and intensive revision courses (theCourses) to students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate, JuniorCertificate and are in full-time second level education (the Student).
  • The School reserves the right to decline an enrolment from any student. The College reserves the right to withdraw its services from a Student for any breach of discipline, the definition of which is at the sole discretion of the  College management. 
  • The Course details (as found on www.brucecollege.ie) outline the content and objectives of the Course. The Student is responsible for determining the course enrolled is appropriate for their needs. Views or opinions expressed by  teachers during the course are entirely their own. The School does not accept  liability for errors on any advice given or views expressed by teachers or in  any notes or documentation provided to students by teachers. 
  • The College reserve the right to amend without recourse to refund , the Course detail, including the course content, structure and schedule , including commencement dates, times and location of classes. 
  • Students may only attend classes as scheduled by Bruce College based on their subject selection. Breach of this will result in removal from the course. A student may request in advance of the course a change in subjects. If requested during the courses the school may be limited in accommodating any change due to class quotas. A surcharge of €10 will apply to changes  requested during the course. 
  • Students are only entitled to notes for classes for which they are enrolled. Our cancellation policy facilitates a refund on receipt of a written cancellation at least two weeks prior to the course commencement date. There is a non refundable booking fee of €25 included in the price. Please allow a maximum  of 28 days for processing. 
  • If a student cannot attend for any reason, the College will upon request forward any relevant notes. The college will not refund any cancellation or absenteeism after the required two weeks advance cancellation notice. 
  • In the case of a potential closure due to unforeseen events , (pandemic, weather event, unavailability of property for the course, etc), the college will reschedule classes to another date , at the discretion of the school and  before the commencement of the Leaving Cert. and Junior Cert. written  exams in June. The school may provide for this course through  recorded,online, live classes or a combination of these mediums.  
  • If the school are unable to reschedule the classes or provide an online alternative before June a refund for the part of the course not complete will be processed.  
  • The school accept no liability for loss or damage of student property. Parking is not provided to students or parents,
  • Our terms and conditions will be governed by the Laws of Ireland.