Christmas Revision Courses Cork

Junior Cert Christmas Revision Courses

 Junior Cert. Revision Course 2021

Date: Monday 27th December to Friday 31st December inclusive

Location: Bruce College St. Patrick’s Hill

Bruce College is a provider of examination revision courses to students in Ireland for over 30 years. In this time thousands of students have benefited from our outstanding teachers and excellent notes.

Students can expect to cover a considerable amount of material along with notes that can be used to review content well beyond the dates of our courses.

Christmas Revision Course -Junior Cert 2021/22

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Courses Run Monday 27th Dec. to Friday 31st Dec. inculsive.
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LUNCH: 1.00 to 2.00pm

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Business (H)

Topics will be taken from the list below

  • Final accounts,
  • Financial Analysis of Final Accounts,
  • Business Documents,
  • Marketing,
  • Demand and Supply,
  • International trade,
  • The European Union,
  • Insurance.
English (H)

Course Content:

1. Visual Literacy and Media Studies: How to approach questions on Infographics, Posters / Images and Responding to Questions about Radio, Websites, Social Media and Reviews
2. Poetry: Poetic Techniques, Analysing Poetry and how to respond to Studied and Unseen Poetry Questions
3. Fiction: How to respond to Questions on Setting, Characterisation, Themes as well as Comparing two Novels.
4. Drama: Responding to Questions about Stagecraft, Setting, Themes, Characters and Unseen Drama. 
5. Film Studies: Features of a FIlm, Camera Angles, Transitions and Answering Questions on a Studied Film
6. How to approach Functional Writing, Reading Comprehensions and Writing Tasks. 


Geography (H)

Course Content:

  1. Human Geography: Population - Density, distribution, pyramids and migration.
  2. Physical Geography: Plate tectonics,, volcanic activity, earthquake activity, the rock cycle and coastal processes.
  3. Economic Geography: Secondary activities, tertiary activities & economic inequality.
  4. Skills: OS maps & aerial photographs.
  5. Exam technique.
German (H)

Course Content:

- Aural
- Tenses
- Reading Comprehension
- Vocabulary
- Free Writing.
History (H)

Course Content:

  • Short Questions
  • Pictures
  • Focus on Evidence
  • Answering Questions and Exam Techniques.


Irish (H)

Course Content:

  • Litríocht
  • Ceapadóireacht
  • Gramadach
  • Cluastuiscint
  • Léamhthuiscint




Maths (H)
Paper 1
Financial Maths
Algebra I
Algebra II
Patterns and graphs

Paper 2

Area and Volume
Co-ordinate Geometry




Science (H)

Course Content:

1. Chemical reactions
2. Energy & sustainability
3. Reproduction & genetics
4. Electricity
5. Ecology & biodiversity





French (H)

Course Content:

  • The Form Letter
  • The Note
  • Recap of the Informal Letter
  • Holidays and Countries
  • The Postcard
  • The House
  • Future Tense
  • Directions
  • Prepositions
  • Shops and transactions
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Food and Ordering
  • Household chores
  • Jobs
  • My daily routine
  • Chief Examiner's Report


Monday 27th December  to Friday 31st December

Timetable is subject to change

Classes start at 9.30am and finish at 4.15pm

Time Course
9:30-10:30 Maths (H)P1
English (H)
Business (H)
10:45-11:45 Maths (H) P2
English (H)
Geography (H)
Business (H)

12:00-1:00 Maths (H) P1
French (H)
English (H)
1:00 – 2:00pm LUNCH
2:00-3:00 Maths (H) P2
French (H)
Science (H)
Irish (H)
3:15-4:15 French (H)
History (H)
Science (H)
Irish (H)
Maths(H) P1






No. Courses Price
1 €220
2 €360
3 €470
4 €520
5 €585


Refund Policy: Refunds will be available up to 20th December ( please allow up to 14 days for processing). There is a €25 booking fee included in the price of your booking. Refunds only apply to course prices and not booking fee.










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