Bruce College is a school of academic excellence for 5th, 6th years and Repeat Leaving Cert. students.

We have a proven track record for over 25 years.

We cater for students who want to achieve their academic potential.

Now we are offering an alternative full time Blended Learning programme to students by providing a combination of online teaching and classroom based learning.


Bruce College consists of a fifth year, sixth year and repeat Leaving Cert. programme. Students can join our school in any of these years. A broad subject choice is provided. In each academic year regular assessment and house exams along with regular parental contact are an essential part of what we offer.

What is it?

Blended learning will offer greater flexibility to students where they can opt for a mixture of in-class or online delivery depending on what best suits them.

All classes in the College given by our teachers will be recorded.

The Blended Learning programmes is only available to students who do the full time course.  It is not an option to those who just want to do one subject outside of their own school.

Who is Blended Learning For?

Blended learning is a full time programme for students that live further away from the school.

They can now avail of less crowded peak time traffic and reduced travel times. It offers flexibility to students for example who have sporting commitments. They can now have more control over their schedules.

How does it work?

Your schedule does not always fit the school schedule well now it can. You can’t make the first class in the morning? No problem come in later and you can access the class online while in supervised study or access it at home.

You need to skip last class of the day so you can make a sports commitment, you can catch up with the class later as it will be available to you online.

Some parts of the course work, depending on the subjects must be completed in house as required by the department in terms of project work and practical assignments. In certain subjects that cannot be done virtually, in this case the student is obliged to be in school under teacher supervision.

As part of the programme the school will also offer online recorded tutorials in specific subjects as part of the support.

All notes are available electronically and automatically synchronised. No more organisational Problems.

What does it include?

  • All Tuition
  • Supervised study facilities
  • Access to Christmas & Easter Revision Courses (up to 5 subjects)
  • HPAT preparation
  • House Exams ( including Mock Exams)
  • One Day Revision Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sit my exams in Bruce?

All exams are sat in house.

Do I have access to Christmas & Easter Revision Courses?

Students can avail of up to 5 subjects on our Revision Courses.

Can I take just one subject?

No, students do not have the option of taking just one subject.

Can I attend Supervised Study?

Supervised study is available to all students attending Bruce College.

Will I need any special equipment to enable me to do the online classes?

Students will require an adequate electronic device and headphones to access online class in study.

Will I need school books?

Hard copies of school books are limited and the majority of the material for class is available online. Select the Blended Course you want, 5th year, 6th year or Repeat.

Bruce College offers a wide variety of subjects. Students can choose up to 8 subjects for their Leaving Certificate.
Subjects to choose from:
  • Irish
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian (Dependant on Uptake)
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • History
  • Economics
  • Business
  • Maths
  • Applied Maths
  • Accounting
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Ag. Science
  • Const. Studies
  • Social & Scientific
  • Art
  • Music
  • Religion
  • Design Communication Graphics

Maths, Applied Mathematics, Agricultural Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics.
Art, Music

Accounting, Business Studies, Economics
Irish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, History, Geography

Construction Studies, Design Communication Graphics
Home Economics

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6th Year and Repeat Fees

Fees are payable as a single amount or can be paid by direct debit spread over the academic year.

Fees include:

  • All Tuition
  • Career Guidance
  • One day revision courses ( Throughout the year)
  • Christmas Revision Course & Easter Revision Course are free
  • All House Exams (including Mock Exam)
  • HPAT Preparation


Senior College: Download  Copy of Fee sheet



5th Year Fees

5th Year Fee Schedule 2021/2022

Option 1:

One Payment

Paid before 7th June 2021

Option 2: Instalment Method €7,600
Deposit to be paid before 7th June 2021 €3,640
1st  September 2021 €495
1st  October 2021 €495
1st November 2021 €495
1st December 2021 €495
1st January 2022 €495
1st February 2022 €495
1st March 2022 €495
1st April 2022 €495



Bank details are listed on the PDF Fee Schedule

6th Year and Repeat Fees

6th Year & Repeat Fee Schedule 2021/2022

Option 1:

One Payment

Paid before 7th June 2021

Option 2: Instalment Method €7,850
       Before 7th June 2021 €3,890
1st September2021 €495
1st October 2021 €495
1st November2021 €495
1st December2021 €495
1st January 2022 €495
1st February2022 €495
1st March 2022 €495
1st April 2022 €495
Instalment Total €3960

Standing Order/IBAN/Debit & Credit Cards accepted.

Bank Details are listed on the PDF Fee Schedule


5th Year Book List

5th Year Book list 2024/2025

5th Year Booklist 24 25 (1)

6th Year Book List

6th Year Book list 2024/2025

6th Year booklist 2024-2025


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