Rules and Regulations

  • Bruce College implement a thorough set of rules to maintain a high standard in our School.
  • We have a strict no tolerance approach towards Bullying of any sort. A comprehensive Anti-Bullying policy is upheld in the school with the co-operation of parents, teachers and students.
  • The school offers prospective students an opportunity to meet with the Principal prior to offering or accepting a place in the school. Submission of an application by itself does not confer any entitlement to a place for a student.
  • The school reserves the right to be the final adjudicator in any disputes with regards to the rules of the school.
  • Any serious breach of discipline will result in a student having to leave the school. In such a case the school will refund fee’s pro-rata.
  • All students are clearly briefed with regards to our rules and regulations prior to start of the academic year.