Terms & Conditions

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Part Time/Revision Courses Terms & Conditions

  • Bruce College provides part time tuition and intensive revision courses (the Courses) to students who are preparing for the Leaving Certificate, Junior Certificate and are in full-time second level education (the Student).
  • The School reserves the right to decline an enrolment from any student. 
  • The School reserves the right to withdraw its services from a Student for any breach of discipline, the definition of which is at the sole discretion of the College management.
  • The Course details (as found on www.brucecollege.ie) outline the content and objectives of the Course. The Student is responsible for determining that the course enrolled is appropriate for their needs. Views or opinions expressed by teachers during the course are entirely their own. The School does not accept liability for errors in any advice given or views expressed by teachers or in any notes or documentation provided to students by teachers.
  • The College reserves the right to amend the Course detail, including the course content, structure and schedule.
  • Students may only attend classes as scheduled by Bruce College based on their subject selection. Breach of this will result in removal from the course.
  • A student may request in advance of the course a change in subjects.
  • If requested during the courses the school may be limited in accommodating any change due to class quotas. A surcharge of €10  will apply to changes requested during the course.
  • Students are only entitled to notes for classes for which they are enrolled.
  • Our cancellation policy facilitates a refund on receipt of a written cancellation prior to the course commencing. For the upcoming Christmas Course the cut off for receipt of any such communication is 12pm, 20th December 2021. There is a non refundable booking fee of €25 included in the price. Please allow a maximum of 28 days for processing.
  • After December 20th if a student cannot attend for any reason, the College will upon request forward any relevant notes. The college will not be in a position to provide a refund for any student cancellation or absenteeism beyond December 20th.
  • In the case of a potential closure due to unforeseen events , (pandemic, weather event, unavailability of property for the course, etc), the college will reschedule classes to another date at the discretion of the school and  before the commencement of the Leaving Cert and Junior Cert written exams in June. The school may provide for this course through recorded online, live classes, or a combination of these mediums.
  • If the school is unable to reschedule the classes or provide an online alternative before June a refund for the part of the course not complete will be processed. 
  • The school accepts no liability for loss or damage of student property.
  • Parking is not  provided to students or parents.
  • Our terms and conditions will be governed by the Laws of Ireland.
Rules & Regulations – Intensive Revision Courses

  • Detailed notes are supplied on all topics.
  • Relevant texts and equipment should be brought to all classes.
  • No eating or smoking allowed in the building.
  • No chewing gum within the building.
  • Any breaches of discipline may result in immediate expulsion from the course.
  • Students should have Exam Papers for each class.
  • Students must bring Admission card at all times.
  • Students must be punctual, as late comers disturb class and will not be admitted.
  • Bruce College is not responsible for damage to or loss of any student’s property.
  • The list of topics under each subject are intended as a general guide and may change.