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Repeat Year

Repeat Year

All repeat students have one common goal and that is to maximise academic potential and obtain the required points for a Third Level Course.  The school Principal meets with all students considering Repeat Year. Every student considering repeating may not have considered all their options. The school want to ensure a student is making the right decision for themselves.


In this meeting the following is discussed and clarified

  • Subject choice for Repeat Year
  • Past academic performance
  • Target points improvement
  • College course choices including current offers
  • Advice on dropping old subjects and taking up new subjects for Repeat Year
  • Study habits & motivations


There are many benefits for the Repeat student on this course:

  • Access to a wider range of subjects.
  • All courses are covered in their entirety.
  • Availability of tutorial classes to compliment their regular classes.
  • Develop effective study and revision skills.
  • Regular assessments in order to prepare them for the final examination in June.
  • Structured working environment.

If a student after commencing the Repeat Course receives a suitable college offer, then all fee’s are refunded in full by the school within the first term. After this fees will be refunded pro-rate up to Christmas.