English Higher Leaving Cert

Teacher: David Loughrey

Saturday May 25th 2019,


 UCC, Boole 3

Cost: €125

Course Content:

  • How to get an ‘A’ in the Reading Comprehension
  • Analysis of an A 1 answer from the exam
  • Essay Writing. Covering potential essay topics
  • New Sample Essays
  • Article writing
  • How to write a proper short story
  • Sample answers on a wide range of areas
  • ‘ Lear is a man more sinn’d against than sinning’.  Discuss.
  • An analysis of the lesser characters in the play.
  • A comprehensive revision booklet on Macbeth will be given to all students.
  • Sample answers to poets on the course.
  • New ideas on Hopkins, Plath, Bishop.
  • Structuring poetry answers physically.
  • Maximising your grade in the Comparative Study. Breaking the questions down. Comparing and contrasting properly!!
  • Sample answers on, Literary Genre and General Vision and Theme and Issue
  • Unseen Poetry question. How to get full marks. Sample answers to former questions.

N.B. This course will focus mainly on answering technique!! It is ideal preparation just 2 weeks before the exam!!!

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English Higher L. Cert Essay Seminar

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