August Leaving Cert Revision Courses

This course is aimed at Leaving Cert. Students and takes place from 17th-23rd August, 2018.

It  is an ideal opportunity for students who are entering their Leaving Cert. exam year to get a head start on their academic work prior to the resumption of classes.

Our teachers will offer a full day of tuition in each subject. Classes will start at 10am and finish at 4.30 each day. Lunch will be from 1pm to 2pm during the course.

Price:1 subject:€110, 2 subjects:€195, 3 subjects:€285,

          4 subjects:€380, 5 subjects:€450,


Friday (17th): English (H)

Monday (20th): Economics (H)

Tuesday (21st): Maths (H),

Wednesday(22nd): Biology (H),

Thursday (23rd): Chemistry (H) or
Thursday (23rd): Irish(H)

Saturday (25th): French (H)

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August 1 day Revision Courses - Leaving Cert 2019

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