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Leaving Certs. 2014 We offer a 5th Year, 6th Year and Repeat Programme Hard Work Pays Off Top School

Leaving Certs. 2014

Results 2014.

We offer a 5th Year, 6th Year and Repeat Programme

"Couldn't recommend Bruce highly enough,"Mary Hayes

We are now accepting applications for the academic year 2015/2016.If you would like to enrol please contact the college at 021/4504122 or complete our online Full-time enquiry form.

Hard Work Pays Off

Achieve your potential!!

Top School

One of Ireland's top 'private independent' schools

Christmas Revision Leaving Cert. Maths(H)Paper 1 & 2 classes filling up. Click to book a place now

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Study smarter at Bruce College

Success is achieving the best you can do, Being honest, committed, hardworking and true. Don't dwell in the past, look forward. Give yourself chances that others will lack. Anyone can make mistakes on the way
Success is learning that errors can pay
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Supervised Study for Bruce Students over Oct. Mid-Term.

Please note that the following are the opening hours for…
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DARE (Disability Access Route to Education).


What is the Disability Access
Route to Education?

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Results 2014

Parent Guide

Exam time is a challenging time for teenagers. In most cases it's the first real world pressure they have to deal with. Here's a guide to help them through it.
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